Client Letters

Michelle Snead Portrait Artist of Raleigh, North Carolina

“We LOVE Hannah’s portrait! It is a wonderful likeness of her. I look at it and I think, like Hannah herself said, “How does she do that?” The eyes, the toes, the thumb, the light on her arm....I wish you could have seen Hannah’s smile, looking at “herself” for the first time. It warmed my heart. Thank you, thank you!”
Marcee Silver

“I want you to know how happy I am with George’s portrait. It is just perfect! There was no anxiety over seeing it in progress or finished, and I give God the glory for how everything turned out. You are very special, and what you did was blessed and incredible. Thank you so much!”
Beth Smith

“Thank you for your gracious letter which I received today. How thoughtful of you to interpret for me the portraits which you painted. Obviously, after meeting me you gave considerable reflection on how you see me. I greatly appreciate your sensitive observations in referring to me as a person of intelligence, compassion and empathy actively engaged with my congregation. I seek to embody these qualities and hope the members of the church ‘see’ them in me as you did. As for the portrait which will hang in my home, you are quite correct in observing that one in my place of service needs vision and inspiration, qualities that must come from reading and listening and seeking to be in touch with the Spirit of God who gives light and wisdom. It goes without saying that these portraits are much more valuable to me now that I have your very gracious interpretive comments. Michelle, I am so grateful to you for capturing on canvas some of who I am as a person and as a pastor. I will long treasure these visual interpretations, and even after I am gone, they will be visible reminders of my life and ministry.”
Dr. Marion Lark

“I just wanted to again tell you what a fine job I think you did with Caroline’s portrait. These paintings become family heirlooms, and we will always be proud of the care you took to make it special for us.”
Bill Pappas

“How can I ever thank you as completely as I want to for the absolutely beautiful portrait you did for Tommy and me. You perfectly depicted our dear, sweet John. The portrait and your letter have been a comfort to me daily. It makes me so happy to walk into my living room and see him right there in person, and there is nothing more important right now than John’s memory living on forever in our hearts and souls. You are truly a gifted and sensitive individual, and I look forward to our paths crossing again.”
Betsy Morrison

“I want to thank you and commend you for your kindness. Extra photos taken, return visits to match what I have in my mind’s eye of a person I love like the air I breathe, little strokes of color – You did it! And with laughter and kindness. Amazing and I appreciate it! We love the portrait. She is lively and full of joy. And that’s our Taylor.”

“This note is long overdue, but I have been in court out of town for four weeks in a row. I want you to know, however, how much I appreciate the excellent job you did on my portrait despite the reluctant (and maybe even uncooperative at times) subject you had to work with. My friends all say you outdid yourself, and the only fault I found with it was that it looks exactly like me! I am especially grateful to you for your most kind and gracious remarks at the unveiling ceremony. While you certainly did not miss your calling, it must be nice to know that on a moment’s notice you could make it big on the lecture circuit if you ever tire of doing portraits! I hope our paths will cross again.”
Judge Frank Dupree

“We have truly enjoyed the portrait and the fine work that you do. Your insight is impeccable. It is very clear to me now why Bridge spoke so highly of you. You have the ability to tap into a higher power... absolutely a rare ability. Your letter is a true treasure, and I will always keep it with me throughout my life. Thank you.”
Michael Nash

“Just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful job you did on our painting. Billie and I had talked about having a portrait done for several years, and we don’t believe we could have chosen anyone who could have done it better. I look forward to having Tara’s done after the first of the year, and after that, we’ll commission you to paint Chase. We’ll fill our house with your portraits!”
Tim Turner

“I can’t quit staring at Tara’s portrait. I love it! The expression on her face is so natural. Thank you for the beautiful work you’ve done. This has been a dream of mine for several years and I will cherish her portrait for the rest of our lives. Several people have seen the painting, and they’ve given us lots of compliments. Everyone keeps telling us how good you are, and of course we say “we know”. I am very thankful to have found you and thank God for you and your talent.”

“We just wanted to thank you again for your beautiful work of art AND love! Amy’s portrait is spectacular and undoubtedly will be admired and enjoyed by us (and others) for many years. It’s also neat to think about how her portrait will pass on through generations. Making it even more special is the fact that you, our friend and sister in Christ, are the artist and created Amy’s portrait as one of the ways you glorify God and honor Him. Thank you for your professionalism, the extra care you took to photograph and get “the look” just right, the way you spent time with and got to know Amy( I think that you can really tell that you know her in your painting), and way you included and involved us throughout the process. The whole experience of looking forward to it, planning it, excitedly awaiting your painting, and how having the final portrait has been a pleasure, and we greatly and dearly appreciate you!
Terri and Gary

“Caitlin’s portrait is so beautiful...once again you have brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart with your tremendous talent! “
Susan Fountain

“I want to thank you for the gorgeous portrait of Sydney. We will always treasure it, and we continue to receive many compliments on your beautiful work.”
Shelley Schiff

“Thanks so much for all your hard work. I love all the girls’ portraits –you have been so wonderful to work with and have really captured each of them and their own unique personalities. You can tell they were done by the same artist – but each portrait is so unique!!”

“The feedback is unanimous!! Everyone loves it - especially Emma Wood and even my mother-in-law. I I keep catching Emma Wood in there looking at herself. She loves the pose and her long hair. Thanks so much.”

“Everyone LOVES the portrait! I cannot describe well enough the reactions Doug and our families had over the holidays when they saw it for the first time. We are so pleased as is Llyles. When anyone visits, she points out the portrait and tells them, “That’s me!” I think when the subject of the portrait is proud, it’s a sign that you’ve truly done an excellent job”
Laurie Addy

“Wow! What a treat it was to arrive at your home and see Gavin’s amazing portrait! I was absolutely taken aback! Breathtaking is another way to describe it! Thank you so much for capturing our first born’s spirit, look and essence! You outdid yourself! And I am so excited that you will have two more to do with the Bizyak family.
Maureen Bizyak

“You did a wonderful job on your presentation at the unveiling ceremony as well as on the portrait! Thank you for everything you have done and your attention to all the “little details” that mean so much to me and my family. We feel honored that Weldon has been immortalized in such a wonderful way.”
Janet Lloyd

“Chad and I so love our portrait of Caroline. It truly is a work of art! We sit and look at it each night in awe. You were wonderful to work with in every single way, and we’re so glad that we found you. Again, thanks for a cherished portrait which I will treasure my whole lifetime.”
Janet Beaver

I am embarrassed.... just now replying! Kate Chamblee was the happiest girl in the world! She asked how she got on the wall and she was so beautiful.... it was a priceless moment! Several were around when she saw it and we just laughed and loved her more!! Chris is a little crazy and has a dry sense of humor.... Kate's portrait was hung the day before Thanksgiving. Just in time! I have had so many compliments... it really is unbelievable. You are so talented!
Cyndi Chamblee, Ahoskie, NC

"Kelly and I continue to simply cherish our portraits of the girls. I’ve been thinking how neat to create wonderful works of art that continue to make people happy many years later and likely throughout their life. We’ll certainly fall into that latter category".
Spence Huffstetler, Raleigh, NC