Delivering your Artwork

Michelle Snead Portrait Artist of Raleigh, North Carolina

When the portrait is approved, it is ready for delivery. This is a very exciting time for everyone involved. It is not unusual to be somewhat nervous even if the client has viewed a digital image of the painting in advance. Seeing a well painted portrait for the first time is like seeing a living, breathing person in front of you. If the subject is a loved one, it becomes an emotional experience. A moment in time really HAS been captured so that the memory doesn’t fade. Along with the hugs, these are the experiences that keep Michelle painting.

Prior to delivery, a bill showing the remaining amount due will be emailed to the client. All portraits must be paid in full prior to leaving the studio. Michelle is available to give advice on picture frames when clients choose a custom frame from their regular framer, or she will order a frame if the painting is in a standard size. Michelle prefers that pastels are framed PRIOR to shipping because they are much more fragile and need the glass to protect them. Her preference is that museum glass is chosen because it has reduced reflection and prevents UV fading. The cost of framing is in addition to the price for the portrait.

Local clients come to the studio to pick up their paintings. This means that there are no fees for travel or shipping. For those not within driving distance, the painting will be shipped, either framed or unframed. The majority of paintings are shipped via UPS who is responsible for packing the artwork. Some boxes in which they are shipped come with hard, reinforced sides to prevent damage from sharp objects. Very large paintings are sometimes crated. The shipment’s declared value will be the full amount paid for the portrait, plus frame if applicable. Additional insurance will be bought in order to replace the portrait in the very unlikely event that it is damaged while in transit. The shipments require signatures and will not be left upon a doorstep. Shipping expenses and insurance are not part of the cost of the portrait and will be billed to the client once determined.

If the portrait is shipped, it is important to take great care in opening the box. Box cutters might damage the painting though there is usually plenty of padding to prevent this. Take the painting out, inspect it, and give Michelle a call to let her know that it has arrived safely. Michelle loves hearing from her art patrons, and she treasures the notes that clients send to show their appreciation.

Most of all, ENJOY the work of art that has been created especially for YOU!

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